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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 4, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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pump . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's thursday, october 4th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. well, the pain at the pump is back. fill up your tank lately? you probably noticed. the price of gasoline is scoring up another 8 cents a gallon just since yesterday. so top story with a look at some of the reasons for the spike. josh. >> if you've been at the pump, you know the gas prices are up, way up. thoer higher now than they've ever been at this time of year, and they are hitting commuters hard. >> it may be surprising that such a simple task can be this painful. >> i'm a teacher. it's like i can't afford to pay for gas. >> filling up in fremont and
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across the state is fou a lot more expensive. >> yes. it seems like it's going up and up. seems like everything want to stop. >> premium for 4.95 a gallon, significantly more than he paid just last week. >> 4.29 so 66 cents in a week. this is too weird. it's just too much. >> also gas price have recently jumped a dollar. investigators say it's not because any shortage of crude oil. it's due to a slow of production in california that started with the august chevron refinery fire in richmond and peaked with more problems this week. >> gas prices have gone up crazy this week. >> in santa clara we met with the president of robinson oil which owns robin gas station sdmrs over the last week or so there's been a couple other problems. i think the most serious one was the one at the exxon mobil refinery fire in tore rens that seemed to be sort of the straw
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that broke the camel's back. >> some drivers have their doubts. >> some on, we've been through this before. i think that's a lot of crock, but that's just my opinion. i don't believe that. >> and all of them are hoping for some kind of relief. >> with three kids it's definitely a lot. >> tom robinson prices may continue to rise but they should start to drop once the refineries get back to their normal production levels. live in fremont, ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now on that spike in prices at the pump. here if the bay area the current gas price coming from triple a say a gallon of regular unledded 4.37. in oakland just a few cents cheaper ot 34 and most expensive to fill your tank in san francisco. that's where gas is averaging 4.43 a gallon. salvatore cordileone was installed this afternoon. the arch by shop delivered but did not address commissioners
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during the two-hour mass. cordileone is seen because of his strong stance against home sexuality and same -sex marriage. by that pa rigsers told us they say he will reach out to liberal members of the church. >> he will do so. i know that's probably one of the top things on his list. >> in august arch by shop cordileone was arrested by police in san diego suspicion of drunk driving. he later issued a public apology as he pleaded guilty. >> about two dozen protesters gathered outside st. mary's to speak out. many of the group are gay right's advocates upset about cordileone's support of proposition 8, the voter-approved ban on same-section marriage. an equal number of supporters also gathered and sang songs. a 65-year-old vallejo man is behind bars tonight. nearby residents are shocked. they say all three men were
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friends. >> a colleague constructed crosses in the yard, one for each victim. >> they were great, great friends, and they were amazing men. >> in fact, vallejo police believe it was a third friend a man who lived right across the street who was responsible for gunning them down. after a brief stand off, they arrested 65-year-old martin hone gerger, marine and vietnam veteran. >> he's very opinionated and very strong willed. he's an ex-marine but just the nicest guy. >> friends are shocked. they say honeger and the victims were close spending most days hanging out in the garage or watching tv but neighbors say the friends did fight over politics and things like veteran's benefits and they say honeger did carry a gun. >> martin threatened to shoot them before getting really angry about politics. >> still they say no one viewed him as a threat.
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>> the family asked me to make a statement and tell everybody just, you know, that he was loved and it's just a tragedy. >> friends of the victims say both beloved fathers and husbands and that they will be dearly missed. >> they just seemed to be friends and something triggered. i'm not sure. we just have no de tails yet. >> the shooting happened at 6:09 p.m. right at the start of the presidential debate. no word yet if politics or something else may have triggered the incident last night. right now the suspect remains in jail. in fairfield, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland's police chief today joins to address recent homicides. the department is already getting help from the atf on the gun violence plane and he says he'll work with religious leaders on crime prevention and community outreach. it's time the governor stepped in and declared a state of emergency. today's meeting comes oof five
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people were killed in an 18-hour period this week. saturday police say their resources stretched has scrambled to investigate two additional killings. >> any time there's a homicide or a major incident it does involve a lot of resources and those resources do tend to get stretched a little thin. >> one man was fatally injured in a possible gang-related shooting in east san jose early this morning. his death is 36 homicides so far this year. last night police found a man unresponsive on south 2nd street. he's been identified as hearne. investigators say it appears --. also in san jose home surveillance units helped nab burglars. footage of two males and two females loading up stolen items into a white honda pilot. the suspects are juveniles. police say the group is believed to be responsible for burglarizing at least two homes in the east san jose during the past two days.
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>> we see cash taken, ipads, computers, apple devices things like that, small electronics up to big-screen tvs. >> police spotted the same white honda this morning and officers say the suspects surrendered on the spot. a convicted con artist responsible for a multi-million-dollar scam a san francisco residential high vise behind bars tonight. police arrested 48-year-old in watsonville. he'd been on the run since his conviction last month on charges of grand theft, money laundering and identity theft. guilty of stealing more than $2 million from high-rise. faces up to 35 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced november 8th. a redwood city man was laid to rest today with full military honors along with six other world war ii veterans [ taps playing ]
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. >> james was a young marine playing over the south pacific in 1944. today arlington national cemetery and his family was there as he and his comrades were finally laid to rest. the wreckage of the plane was discovered in 1944. it took almost two decades to identify the remains of the seven marines. a deadly men anyone jie tis outbreak. five people in six states have died from a rare fun gal form of the disease. none are reported in california. authorities say the outbreak has been linked to the new england compounding center. the center for disease control is telling healthcare providers to stop products. fresno county is reporting a second west nile fatality of the year. health officials have not identified the victim but say it is a woman who died last month. her family has requested no further de tails be released. fresno county reported a total of 16 human west nile cases this
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year. well, it was a you tube sensation, a sky driving incident involving an 80-year-old woman caught on video. now that incident has led northern california sky diving professional slapped with a fine. last year attached to professional parachutes but look that video showed her leg flipping out of her harness. the faa now says as a professional being fined $2,200 for improperly fitting the harness and exiting the aircraft improperly. some say the incident is being blown out of proportion. >> the lady hearst said she was never forced out of the airplane and there was no way she could have flown out of the harness. she says she doesn't blame anyone for the slipping. the national hockey league cancelled the first two weeks which means the san jose sharks fans are out to lose five games. the players were locked out last
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month when a collective bargaining agreement with the nhl expired. the two sides have been unable to reach a new deal. a major sticking point is how to split hockey-related revenue. the federal reserve today revealing a telling account of how policymakers say the central bank can help the economy recover. the minutes show that all the one numbers support the decision to move forward with another round of assets to stimulate the economy. also revealed that policymakers would consider further action if its unemployment rate does not improve. the nation's jobless rate has been stuck just above 8% all year. timber numbers are due out tomorrow. figures out today show unemployment benefits rose by 4,000 last week. the labor department reported the number of americans seeking jobless benefits rose to 467,000 up to 363, 000 the previous week. the total report fell slightly to 5.1 million americans.
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that labor report helped provide on wall street. the dow industrial gained 8 points, nasdaq rose 14. taxpayer group is suing the state. the howard jarvis taxpayer association sacramento. considers an illegal tax and is seeking a declaration about whether it is valid or that 800,000 rural property owners have been hit with the fee which raises money for fire prevention. the fee was passed last year. long lines today as oakland a's fans seek play off tickets. many of them sold in just the last 24 hours. and the day after the debate. how the candidates are spinning their performances. the bay area cooling trend continues. coming up where the fog will be first thing tomorrow morning for the morning commute. the coolest day of the weekend and also the fleet week forecast
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. bay area baseball fans are pumped. the post season is right around the corner. tonight the san francisco giants held an optional play off atth park open to the public. get their open on saturday night scheduled to start at 6:30 at at &t. game 2 on sunday still to be determined. . a storybook late summer finish against all odds held them into the play offs. now as reports demand for tickets skyrocketing. >> when the a's clench the al west with dramatic fashion it wasn't just the players and fans that went wild. >> so elated. just so exciting. we're driving home after going ahh. >> that makes it all the sweeter the fact that they were not even
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competitive. they were supposed to lose a hundred games this year. >> the run on tickets followed suit. >> we sould out close to 50,000 tickets spread across the play off games. >> many fans stood in line more than an hour or two today to snag what tickets they could for dwrigs and championship series games that may or may not play. >> this is worthy to be in line for this. this has been six years since this has happened. >> alive we are even trying to get american league tickets and american championship series. many gambling on the a's going deep in the play off. >> they've got the whole fan base right behind them. >> tickets to the division series game three sold out this morning. the possible game four sold out this afternoon. >> it's a storybook story. i mean, it's amazing. >> in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. the take on the american
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league central champion de stroit tigers this best of five series. game two on sunday. the team then heads to oakland for game 3 scheduled for next tuesday. games 4 and 5 will be played here if necessary. yesterday's a's game helped achieve one of the biggest in the transit agency's history. bart said more than 426 thousand people rode bart train yesterday. members were also boosted by the oracle open world conference and the america's cup both taking place in san francisco. port ree can boxer announced he's gay making him the first openly gay professional boxer in sports history. cruz says i have always been and always will be a proud gay man. the 31-year-old is currently the fourth ranked heavyweight in the world and competed in the 2000 olympics. he had initial reservations about coming out in what he say social security a macho support.
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today facebook announced billion active users. facebook ceo marc zuckerberg knead announcement saying the reaching 1 million is the thing i am most proud of in my life. more than half on a mobile device. also says that in the fall of 2005, 220 billion photos has been up loaded to the site. google and major book publishers has settled a long legal battle over digital copyrights. the agreement was announced today which ended the federal law by 2005. google has scanned more than 20 million books. part of that company's book scanning project. under the settlement publishers will get to choose which books are scanned. the california state university system has a chancellor. u.s. officials announced today timothy white will service for the 23 campus system. white currently served of river side. he's replacing charles reid who's retiring after 14 years on the job. with more than 100 thousand students, the system is the nation's largest collection of
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four-year colleges. president obama and mitt romney wasted in time returning to the campaign trail today just hours removed from the first debate. many mitt romney supporters believe their man came out on the winning side. >> it is the first day of the rest of the presidential campaign. the denver debate now in the rear-view mirror, presidential obama and republican presidential hopeful mitt romney hit the campaign trail in battleground states. >> how did dad do last night? . >> mitt romney made a surprise stop at the colorado conservative political action committee. the crowd and the candidate were clearly energized from what is widely viewed as a major debate victory. >> i know this is going to be a close-fought battle. we need to win colorado. if we do, you know what? we're going to take back the white house. >> the campaign stopped elsewhere in denver. the president took aim at some of romney's debate claims. >> when i got on to the stage i met this very spirited fellow
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who claimed to be mitt romney [ laughter ] but it -- but it couldn't have been mitt romney because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion dlrs in tax cuts to pay for the wealthy. i said didn't know anything about that. >> with election day less than five weeks away it remains to be seen if the debate was a success. both men have scheduled stops with battleground states and two weeks to prepare for their next face to face meeting. i'm stay see koe man reporting. the rock and roll hall of fame released its list of nominees. 15 artists made the cut. the sixth time summer has been on the haul of fame ballot also released work at least 25 years
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ago. fans have until december 5th to cast a ballot online and will be honored in april. other nominees include joan jet and the black hearts, nwa. if you were anywhere in san francisco today you cannot help but notice some of the exhilarating sights and sounds letting you know fleet week is here and the cool down is on. temperatures going to continue to drop in the weekend. . and tomorrow's high school football game of the week feechd antioch high school versus deer valley. catch a preview right here on fa bare a news at 7:00 and all the highlights on the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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. the familiar sound of the blue angels could be heard around parts of the bay today. practiced runs this afternoon at a fleet week this weekend. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flood san francisco for the air show which is scheduled for saturday and sunday. bru angels is not the only thing going on in town. a lot of people have flocked to the city. what are we in for weatherwise? . >> get ready. remember last week when we had record hot temperatures? this weekend a completely different story. as you know, they've cooled off
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quite a bit. right now on live storm tracker 2 there one of the reasons the fog regrouping in fact right now and already a few into the bay right around san francisco and daly city. as far as temperatures from today, look at this, no 80 aes. warmest locations were in the 70s. antioch 77 degrees, oakland at 70 and san francisco topped out 76. what's happened shallow marine layer two or three days ago deepened quite a bit by about 3,000 feet as a result coupled out a pretty good on-shore breeze translates to a cool down that is here to stay. first thing tomorrow morning partly to mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the low to mid 50s. santa rosa 51, san jose 55 and antioch mid 50s, as well. once again the possibility of drizzle out there. we are watching a weather system out here in the pacific this area of low pressure that has the cool down continues as we do head into friday. look what happens into the weekend as a result this weekend those readings only in 60s to
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lower 70s. plenty of cloud cover in the morning, skies becoming partly sunny and this weather system close enough and we bring in the chance of a few sprinkles or a few very light showers. that would be for monday and also into tuesday still quite a few de tails we have to iron out at that time frame but still the chance as we do head into next weevenlth here's our forecast tomorrow at least in the short term showing you an increase in some of the overcast first thing tomorrow morning. clouds will back near the shore line once again. it will be cool for the beaches. look at this, basically covered a good portion of the region. 60s, yellow in the low to mid 70s. as far as the fleet week forecast for tomorrow once again patchy clouds in the sky first thing tomorrow afternoon. also pretty much the same deal on the saturday. could see partly cloudy skies into sunday with that. temperatures only in the lower 60s. forecast highs for your friday afternoon. these numbers coming down a little bit from today's highs. san jose right around 72.
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fremont 69, sunny vail 71 and san francisco pretty chilly right around 63 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast week ebd in view, partly cloudy skies into the weekend the chance of a few sprinkles by monday. gasia. marc, thank you. the san jose today with the return of her stolen puppy. 10-year-old marissa was yieted with her dog this afternoon. investigators say the dog was stolen during a burglary on monday. last night found the puppy 80 miles away in the parking lot of a target store. she took the dog home then read a story about the missing puppy and contacted the girl's family. received a $6,000 reward by several parties including san jose firefighters. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian. our conch continues with the 10:00 news and tonight the backyard marijuana growth that's raising questions in one bay area neighborhood. see what we found out when we went to investigate.
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keep in mind we're always here for you at tmz is up next right here on tv 36
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